Break the middle matzah on the matzah plate.

We break the matzah and hide one part (the Afikomen). We recognize that justice is not linear.  However, we are committed to tikkun (the healing and repair of the world). We are fragmented, imperfect, wounded healers, who do the healing as we simultaneously work on ourselves.

The Bread of Affliction

Raise the middle matzah so that everyone can see it and say:

This is the bread of affliction. Let everyone who is hungry come and eat. But when saying that traditional line — let all who are hungry come and eat — we must also recognize the contrast between the generosity of the Jewish people expressed in this invitation, and the reality in which we live. Today we lead with compassion, not with fear. 

So when we say “hah lachmah anya — this is the bread of affliction, let all who are hungry come and eat,” we remind ourselves that it is this spirit of generosity that is the authentic Jewish spirit. It is meant to be a contrast to the messages of class society, which continually try to tell us “there is not enough”  or some are more deserving than others. 

We who identify with  Tikkun proudly proclaim: there is enough, I am enough, together we are enough, and we can afford to share with each other.

haggadah Section: Yachatz