Dayeinu lists the following: 

Had He brought us out of Egypt

Had He executed judgments against the Egyptians

Had He executed judgments against their gods 

Had He put to death their firstborn

Had He given us their riches

Had He split the Sea for us

Had He led us through it on dry land

Had He sunk our foes in it

Had He satisfied our needs in the desert for forty years

Had He fed us the manna

Had He given us the Sabbath

Had He brought us to Mount Sinai

Had He given us the Torah

Had He brought us into C'na'an 


Ultimately, and factually, would each one of these have been enough to create the communities and traditions that have brought us together for a Seder right now? What if the Biblical divine had challenged the other gods but not anything else? Or had brought us across the sea but not drowned our pursuers? 

Each of the things on this list are just a list of headlines, basically, serving immediate communal needs -- what are our immediate needs? What must we demand in order to ensure that those who come after us will gather to celebrate their liberation? 

haggadah Section: -- Cup #2 & Dayenu
Source: Ariel Kates