Why is a pile of rubble on our Second Seder Plate?

The region of Idlib, one of the last rebel strongholds inside Syria, is being bombed relentlessly – including targeting hospitals. The rubble on our Seder Plate reminds us of the ongoing catastrophe, where civilians are wounded and killed daily as collateral damage in ongoing war crimes. Despite the danger, heroic Syrian doctors have remained in Idlib, making makeshift healing spaces where they continue to save lives.

With your help, Jewish World Watch supports these incredible doctors in Idlib by delivering essential, life-saving medical supplies to dozens of makeshift hospitals, supplying them with the tools and equipment needed most.

FACT: More than 3 million people are believed to remain in desperate conditions in the Idlib region. The current humanitarian crisis there is said to be the worst since the conflict began in 2011.

ACT: Support this lifesaving project by making a donation at jww.org/SyriaSupplies

DISCUSS: What does a doctor need to save lives in a war zone?

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