These times are unprecedented - but are they? This Pesach we are quarantined in our homes, unable to go out, unable to celebrate with our family, as a plague ravishes the world. On the first Pesach too, the Jews remined in their homes as plagues beset the land and they waitied for it to "'pass over"'. That time, as today, was a time of great unknown and of massive change - world altering change - perhaps we are, once again, on the verge of an epoch of change? One thing that this time of isolation has underscored for us (as if we didnt already know) is the importance of family and of connection. Right now we are being forced to discover new ways to connect and this haggadah is one of those ways. Whilst we will each be at our own seder tables we will always be in each others hearts, souls and minds. We are sometimes far but always near....

Sending much love and warmest wishes for a wonderful seder and a fabulous pesach.

Leshana Habah beYerushalyim beYachad

(Next year in Jersualem, together)

haggadah Section: Introduction