Who knows one? I know one: One humanity in the whole world.

Who knows two? I know two: Humanity is split in two parts: poor and rich.

Who knows three? I know three: Christian trinity darkens the world.

Who knows four? I know four: Capitalism, militarism, religion, and government enslave the working class.

Who knows five? I know five: All five continents are under capitalist tyranny.

Who knows six? I know six: Six days a week the worker is downtrodden.

Who knows seven? I know seven: Seven days of rest is all the rich man knows.

Who knows eight? I know eight: Already from the eighth day, a young boy suffers from religion.

Who knows nine? I know nine: Nine months to work—three months to die.

Who knows ten? I know ten: Ten commandments became 613.

Who knows eleven? I know eleven: Only rabbis and lazybones can liken eleven brother-sellers to eleven stars.

Who knows twelve? I know twelve: There’s twelve holes in a dozen bagels, to equal to the twelve tribes.

Who knows thirteen? I know thirteen: The capitalist bosses are thirteen thousand times worse than useless!

haggadah Section: Songs
Source: 1919 Haggadah published in Krakow-Podgorze by the Jewish Social Democrat Party, also known as the Galician Bund