Here are some occurances at the annual Obama White House seder:

*An the annual reading of the Emancipation Proclamation right before Elijah sneaks in.

*The President has a vocal impersonation of Pharaoh.

*the Secret Service always knows where the afikomen is hidden. “It’s no different than you hiding it at your grandmother’s house, except there’s a Secret Service person watching you stash it away. And the house is a bit bigger,”

*The group uses the Maxwell House Haggadah, serves Manischewitz wine and shmura matzo, and still use the line  “Next Year in the White House” to the end of the Seder.

*The evening’s readings are done, as always, as a round robin.

*Malia and Sasha Obama recite the Four Questions. They also hunt down the afikomen in exchange for small gifts — like a rubber chicken for their dog, Bo, and bottles of nail polish

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