And what will it look like when we are re-unified? What will become of us when our parts come together?  An overflowing, penetrating generosity.  For this is who we are, at the core. This is why, says R’ Kook, the first thing we say when we unfold our freedom on this night is 'Let all who are hungry come and eat; let all who need come and have Pesach.' When the barriers within us are removed, we want to give, to share what we have.

The pressure that has been keeping us from exploding with truth and integrity is ultimately keeping us selfish. It keeps us wrapped up in our own lives, too concerned with our own fractured state to be truly in relationship. When the spring is released, we will express our true nature─generous, concerned, thoughtful.

The goodness you have within you is not for your own good, though you may certainly enjoy it. It is for all of us. It does not belong to you, but it is in your stewardship. Think about times in your life when it was easy to give, and times when it was not so easy.  Remember that giving is not all or nothing.  Is there something you want to give?  Tell the person next to you that you are ready to give.  Find out what he or she needs.  Five minutes of listening? Help with shopping? A friend to check up on him or her? A massage?  A compliment?  Tell him or her what you can offer.

haggadah Section: Yachatz
Source: original