This is the time set aside for singing. Some of us might sing traditional prayers from the Book of Psalms. Others take this moment for favorites we get to sing only once a year. We're at least three glasses of wine into it so you get extra points for singing loud and enthusiastically. Please roll with it!

In Loving Memory to our Uncle Heinz Grunewald, who always tried singing this song (but nobody knew it), we will pretend to start Kee Lo Naeh -- It is Proper to Praise Him, by siniging the refrain once. Page 153.

In Loving Memory to our Grandfather and Great Grandfather, Ernst Wellisch, who died much too young, but who nevertheless managed to teach us among other things, how to be supremely irreverent to the notion of unnecessary law and order, in the manner in which he sang this song: The Jewish Trivia Song -- Echad Mi Yodeia-a -- Who Knows One? Page 155

The Thirteen Attributes of God in Alphabetical Order -- Adeer Hu, Mighty is God. Page 154

The Jewish "Old McDonald Had a Farm" -- Chad Gad-ya, Just One Kid. Page 160

haggadah Section: Hallel