Welcome friends. We are pleased that you could join us this year to share our Passover seder. Though not all of us share the same backgrounds, we are all connected by our yearning. As we yearn to be free in our lives, this Passover we should reflect on those things that bind us. These things might be material, emotional, spiritual, or even irrational. Our hope today is to cast off those bindings and to don a slightly lighter garment of irreverence while we enjoy one another's company during this joyous festival.

This isn't the haggadah for Jews or Goyim or atheists or Christians or Fascists or Communists— this is the one for you, you who demands real justice for yourself and all the world. This is the haggadah for the people, all of us, and it was made with the knowledge that so long as one of us is shackled, none of us are free.

All attempts have been made to include enough content for the seder to be meaningful while also cherishing the brevity that seems so often lacking in our day-to-day lives.  May we all leave this seder tonight with plenty of time remaining to make it to Jerusalem next year (with ample time to make the arduous journey through airport security).

So friends, grab a cushion, lounge around a bit, have some wine, and enjoy the Passover.

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: Unknown