At Passover, we celebrate our freedom, our deliverance from slavery. It seems like a good time to abstain from meat, dairy and eggs, since the animals from which those products are derived are treated like slaves, or worse.

Actually, anthropologically speaking, the very motif of slavery comes from animal agriculture. Simply put: Buying and selling living beings, binding them with chains, and branding them with hot irons are all actions that we associate with slavery. And these are all actions that originated in animal agriculture. In modern factory farming, what animals experience is even worse than slavery. We can spare you the details this time around.

We make here a few substitutions to the Seder plate:

  • The shank bone is replaced with a roasted beet.
  • The egg is replaced with a new potato, flower, avocado pit, or olives.

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: Adapted from Jewish Veg and various sources