The capacity to conceive of a world in which I see myself as if I left Egypt, going from enslavement to freedom, gives me a special perspective on society and allows me to criticize the current social order to which I am enslaved. The Jew who lives successively in the world of Pharaoh, Ahashverosh, the Romans and the Nazis, all in accordance with the holiday being observed — Passover, Purim, Tisha B’Av or Holocaust Day — has untold possibilities for comparison. That Jew can query the existent situation and discover the logic behind it and then choose his or her way in life. Three elements converge on Seder night: the commandment to recount the story of the Exodus from Egypt; the commandment to pose questions about the existent order; and the goal of education towards freedom. - Noam Tzion
haggadah Section: Introduction