Hand washing – submitted by Carly Sutherland

Carly sent many things reminding us of the link between handwashing and Covid-19 prevention, not the least of which is a reminder that those of us who have access to running water and homes that can accommodate social distancing and cleanliness are very lucky indeed. Not everyone enjoys these freedoms.

There have been many handwashing jokes about Passover this year! Here’s a fun one:

Soap is sold out

No sanitizer here don’t bother coming in

Cleanliness is next to godliness

To wash our hands is to keep the fear at bay

To tell ourselves we’ll live another day

Holiness and desperation intertwined.

My husband’s hands split from soap and alcohol

Performing rites of Groceries, of Medication, of Doctors and Pharmacies

For those who cannot.

 Kids sing happy birthday

Come on Eileen, COVID-19

She was a dancing queen, young and sweet,

in quarantine

I dance in my kitchen,

sauteing onions Boiling water for asparagus.

Soap is scarce, but I have water

I have water

We are not worried about water

For now, for now. For now

While Flint is left

While climate changes

While the underpaid and uninsured become the high priestesses

Of Food, of Supply Chain, of Post Office, of Janitorial.

May we remember what sacredness this has taught us

 May we remember to share our blessings

May we remember to see the divine in others

May we see the sacred in what we take for granted

Better than we did before.

Oh please Oh please Oh please

haggadah Section: Urchatz