In order to prepare ourselves to leave mitzrayim (egypt),
this narrow place, we need to wash away that which
separates us from each other, that which we must leave
behind to move forward together.
Written by Bend the Arc Jewish Action

Washing our hands is a ritual done during meals to sanctify
the blessing which is food, but during this seder, a formal
blessing is not recited. Traditionally, people wash their
right hand three times and then their left hand three times.

Water in the News
By Joseph Zitt
In washing our hands,
we also think of those who don't get to share
in the basic human right of abundant, clean water
of people deprived of water
by the weather
in Somalia, in India, in Texas
and those deprived of water
by human action
in places like Flint, Michigan
as well as those whose homes have been ravaged by wind and water
in Colombia, in California, and in New Jersey
We wash our hands and accept our responsibilities
to those threatened by the presence and absence of water

haggadah Section: Urchatz