SAY: We are humans relearning to wash our hands.
Washing our hands is an act of love
Washing our hands is an act of care
Washing our hands helps us return to ourselves by
washing away what does not serve.
– Dori Midnight

DO: Wash your hands. Slowly.
(Use water bowls, wet towels, or hand sanitizer. Soap not ritually required
here. Towels will be handy)

SAY: We invite to our Seder Miriam the Prophetess who saved her baby brother Moses from drowning in the waters of the Nile, showing us, along with the Egyptian Princess, how to be allies. We sing the song of liberation she taught us, thank her for nourishing our thirst in the wilderness and for inspiring this healing blessing that is also sung. May we all be our siblings’ keepers always. We raise this Cup of Miriam as we honor the water of life.

haggadah Section: Urchatz