Reader: A long time ago a cruel Pharaoh ruled Egypt. He made the Jewish people slaves and forced them to build cities and palaces for him.

Chorus: Working, working, in the desert sun. Working, working, our job is never done.

Reader: A Jewish mother named Yocheved put her baby into a basket on the river to hid him from cruel Pharaoh. The baby's sister, Miriam, hid nearby to watch over him.

Chorus: Mother, mother, I will not make a sound. Mother, mother, I'll hid until he's found.

Reader: Pharaoh's daughter came down to the river and found the baby and decided to keep him.

Chorus: Moses, Moses, I'll name you little one. Moses, Moses, you shall be my son.

Reader: Moses grew up int he palace. One day he saw Pharaoh's guard being a Jewish slave. He was so angry, he hit the guard.

Chorus: Stop it! Stop it! Why do you beat him so? Stop it! Stop it! Feel my mighty blow.

Reader: Moses knew he could no longer live in Egypt. He ran away and became a shepherd.

Chorus: Running, running, in Egypt I can't stay. Running, running, I must go far away.

Reader: One day when Moses was watching his sheep, he saw a burning bush and heard God's voice. God told him to return to Egypt to lead the Jewish slaves to freedom.

Chorus: Moses, Moses, I need you to be brave. Moses, Moses, my people you shall save.

Reader: Moses went to Pharaoh and said:

Chorus: Pharaoh, Pharaoh, please listen to me! Pharaoh, Pharaoh, we want to be free.

Reader: But Pharaoh would not listen to Moses.

Chorus: Moses, Moses, my answer is no! Moses, Moses, I won't let you go!

Reader: To change Pharaoh's mind, God made ten bad things happen in Egypt. They were called plagues. Each time a page start, Pharaoh thought about letting the Jews leave. But when the plague ended, he changed his mind. Finally, after the last plague, he told Moses:

Chorus: Moses, Moses, I finally agree. Moses, Moses, your people can go free!

Reader: Moses told the Jewish people the good news.

Chorus: Hurry, hurry, we can go. Hurry, hurry don't be slow.

Reader: The Jewish people packed their belongings before Pharaoh could change his mind.

Chorus: Rushing, rushing, there's not much time to pack. Rushing, rushing, we won't be coming back.

Reader: There wasn't time to bake bread so the Jewish people put the dough on their backs and the hot desert sun baked it.

Chorus: Matzah, matzah, baking in the sun. Matzah, matzah, baking as we run.

Reader: When they got to the sea, God parted the waters. The Jewish people crossed to the other side and celebrated their freedom.

Chorus: Singing, singing, we're happy as can be! Singing, singing, now at last we're free!

haggadah Section: -- Exodus Story