10. You are singing Dayaynu, he is singing Lady Gaga

9. Invokes "Tonight I am free man" when asked politely to not lick the charoset from the bowl

8. He’s suddenly reading the Hagadah in a Australian accent (G’day Karpas Vegemite)

7. Two words:  Manischewitz Pong

6. He adds “tomorrow’s hangover “ to the list of  plagues

5. When you refill his cup, he says make it a double 

4. After dripping wine for the plagues, he  slurps your plate

3. He's totally double fisting the 3rd cup

2. During benching he asks “when do we eat?”

1.  Passover to him means is to be passed out before Nirtzah

haggadah Section: Kadesh
Source: Bangitout.com Seder Sidekick