10. Waiter assures you the rolls on the table are "hand-made shmurah"

9.  You ask for Marror, they bring an old Tabasco bottle

8.  They confuse the Hillel Sandwich with a Reuben on rye

7.  After The 2nd cup, waiter asks if you'd like to enjoy another beer with your dinner

6.  Hagadah starts with kolnidre

5.  Maitre-D keeps greeting everyone with "Who's ready for Latkas!??"

4.  Menu describes Karpas as a fresh fish-cake set in a light citrus tartar sauce

3.  Hotel owner interrupts seder with "Who wants to meet the Wise-ass Son?"

2.  Afikomen is found behind the hotel bar, next to the pretzels
1.  The 5th and most frequent question asked during your Seder: "Do you want to charge this to your room?"

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