10.  Egyptian Idol:  24 contestants vie to worship a sun  god

9.    No Deal or No Deal - Pharaoh's personal favorite

8.    $25,000 Pyramid

7.    The Amazing Race - 600,000+ people journey across a sea, a barren desert to reach a mountain top

6.    So You Think You Can Walk (like an Egyptian)?

5.    Egypt's Got Talent! - lot of snake-to-stick acts to follow

4.    Flavor of Blood

3.    Project Runaway

2.    Extreme Makeover Plague Edition- This family's house was filled with frogs, pelted by hail, ravaged by animals, infested with lice and locusts, and worst of all, their light bulbs never seem to work

1.    Survivor: Firstborn 

haggadah Section: Maggid - Beginning
Source: Bangitout.com Seder Sidekick