(To the tune of "Tonight," from West Side Story, By Rabbi Dan Liben, Passover, 2000)

Tonight, tonight,
We'll tell a tale tonight,
Of Pharoah, Slaves and God's awesome might;

We'll do it right, with matzah, and maror
and four children: -dull, wicked- and bright!
Tonight, we'll tell our people's story,

The "genut" and then the glory,
And how it came out right.

And when we're through
You'll know you've been freed too
On this Saaay-der night!

Tonight, tonight, we'll drink four cups of wine,
We'll laugh and sing and dine
'till its light;

The tale's not new
And yet it still rings true
It gives meaning -to being -a Jew!

Egyptian masters they did beat us
But Moses he did lead us

From darkness into light;
And soon we'll know
Why God did make it so
On this Saaaay-der night!

haggadah Section: Introduction