A lot happens when we start to count the Omer. For starters, we reserve a piece of the Afikomen in the event that there are any illnesses during the year. It is believed that the second night's Afikomen has mystical healing powers. It can bring health to the sick and can even ensure a fast and easy delivery for any women giving birth to babies this year. 

Let's pause here in case there are any baby announcements. No? Hmm.... Maybe next year we will be both in Jerusalem and have some baby news. Everybody loves babies!

But there is another use for the Afikomen! The Jews of Persian Kurdistan bind the wedding Ketubah to the bride's arm and from this custom, they developed a tradition of tying the Afikomen to the arm of the men they want to marry off during that coming year. So, if there are ANY men at this table who will be getting married soon (or who SHOULD be getting married soon), let's tie a piece of Afikomen to their arm and say together, "Just as we bind the Afikomen on your arm, may you bind the Ketubah to the arm of your bride." 

haggadah Section: Nirtzah