While we come together as friends, we distance ourselves as if we are strangers; strangers like our ancestors were in the Land of Egypt.  Among us are the Jewish and Jew-ish, Jews by association, Jews by birth, Jews by choice, and friends of Jews.  Joining together in the most widely celebrated ritual of the Jewish faith in a manner unfamiliar to every one of us.  Distanced physically yet close together with friendship, love, and faith.  Yearning to see our friends, touch our friends, and feel their closeness, we instead gather our souls together in prayer and in celebration.

For over 2500 years Jews have gotten together, just like we are doing tonight, to celebrate our freedom.  We become one with our ancestors and with all the Jews of the world as the seder brings us together across time and space.    And, while it may seem strange to celebrate freedom while confined to our homes, we are, nonetheless, together in purpose and in love.  My love goes out to every one of you with gratitude that you have joined us this evening.  We were once strangers in the land of Egypt...we are resilient and will do what we have always done;  we will join together and heal the world.

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: Dr. Aaron Sherman