Israel, the people, are called Jeshurun in a few places in the Torah.  One of them says, "Jeshurun grew fat and kicked" (Dt. 32:15).  Growing fat we can understand, especically when the gyms are closed.  But what did we kick--or who?  The mystery of the missing direct object--that which received the kick--has perplexed our sages for thousands of years.  Originially, some speculated that Jeshurun grew fat and kicked the bucket from obesity and hypertension.  Subsequently, however, it was pointed out that there are no buckets in the Torah (although there are troughs). 

With the onset of Covid-19, we have determined that the Torah's phrase was prophetic, and we are only now reching our destined level of zaftigness in order to kick Covid-19 so that it passes over us entirely.

We at Adath Jeshurun are celebrating with this virtual seder and doing our part to grow fat and kick Covid-19 in one the items on the Seder Plate!

haggadah Section: Introduction