Parents, how do we relate and talk to our children in the time of corona/COVID-19? When our children are already not yet used to cleaning themselves or taking necessary precautions? How can we help them grow up healthily, happily, and wisely?

Children, it may be time for you to take some more responsibility for your well-being if you are able to. 

Be The Wise Child and follow the commandments of G-d, your parents and the CDC 

Don’t be a Wicked Child and disobey and get yourself sick or others in your family and community. 

And what of the Simple Child that isn’t aware that they need to stay safe or the Child That Doesn’t Even Know How To Ask A Question? 

Parents, family, friends, community, siblings, Wise and Wicked children, we must look out for them even more during this time!

haggadah Section: -- Four Children