The 4 types of Transplants

4 Children

 Wise child - LA is the place to be; we all are wise for moving here

 Wicked child - LA can be a scary place at times; it can seem so big and easy to lose yourself

Simple child - LA can be a complex place, filled with dozens of languages, hundreds of communities and millions of people; that complexity can sometimes force people to take the easy route or the simple one

Didn't Ask child - LA has millions of opportunities for everyone to find themselves if you only ask the questions

There's also a 5th presence that some families choose to identify (the narrator) - LA is your community; you are the narrator; narrate your path to successfully living in LA 


4 Types of Transplants:

 The 'dive right in and make your own community' transplant

The 'shy and hold back until I'm comfortable with LA' transplant

The 'homesick and trying to replicate my old life in LA' transplant

The 'slowly but surely finding my place and patiently loving LA' transplant

When did you move to LA?

What has been the biggest challenge?

Where is your LA safe spot?

I haven't been to.....

I loved........

haggadah Section: -- Four Children