Blood - The blood shed in the Nazi death camps and in Queer-bashings.  

Rejection - The rejection from our society, family, and friends that cause us self harm. 

Guilt - The guilt we are told is inherent in our simple existence.  

Shame - The shame we are made to feel when we share our lives and our bodies with someone of the same gender as ourselves.   

Despair - The despair we feel when we are told that we are evil and monstrous, that AIDS is God's judgment upon us.  

Fear - The fear caused by a hostile society that would cast us out if it knew what we are.  

Pain - The physical pain of being attacked by homophobes, and the mental pain of being rejected by family and community.  

Loneliness - The loneliness of thinking that we are the only one of our kind.    

Darkness - The darkness of our closets, and of where many of us are forced to spend our lives: the bars, the parks, the unsafe neighborhoods.    

Silence - The hollow silence of when we do not speak out in our own defense, the silence from one generation to another.

We may not have individually felt each plague, but since they afflict our community on a global level, they afflict us as well. Let us not become complacent.

haggadah Section: -- Ten Plagues