Ten Modern Plagues


The traditional Haggadah lists ten plagues that afflicted the Egyptians. While we are free and blessed with so many privileges, Passover is a good time to remember the many who are less fortunate. Let us recite a list of some of the plagues that still affect many, both in the US and worldwide, and spill 10 more drops of wine as we vow to take action to stop the injustices in our world.


  1. War, Violence, Abduction and Torture
  2. Poverty
  3. Hunger, malnutrition and a lack of potable water
  4. Homelessness
  5. Illiteracy and a lack of access to education
  6. Hopelessness and fear
  7. Pollution and climate change
  8. Intolerance, Bigotry, Discrimination, Ignorance and Hatred
  9. Tyranny, oppression, and modern-day slavery
  10. Indifference and silence

haggadah Section: -- Ten Plagues
Source: multiple sources