Psalm 126: A Psalm of Ascents Shir Hama'alot, b'shuv Adonai et shivat tziyon hayinu k'chol'mim. Az Y'male s'chok pinu ulshoneinu rina. Az yom'ru vagoyim higdil Adonai la'asot im eleh; higdil Adonai la'asot imanu hayinu s'meicheim. Shuva Adonai et shiviteinu ka'afikim banegev. Hazor'im b'dimah b'rinah yiktzoru. Haloch Yelech uvacho, noseh meshech hazarah, bo yavo v'rinah noseh alumotav.

When God returned us to Zion we were as dreamers. Then we were full of mirth, and our tongues were full of gladness. They said among the nations, "magnified is God, who has done these things." We will magnify God, who has done this for us! And we were joyful. Turn our captivity, O God, like dry streams in the Negev. We had planted seeds in tears, but our harvest was gladness. We went forth with crying-out, carrying seeds; We return in gladness, carrying God's sheaves.

haggadah Section: Bareich
Source: Velveteen Rabbi's Haggadah