The Seder plate is the center of the Passover ritual. On it rests the Egg, the Parsley and salt water, the Charosas, the Shankbone, the Maror, and the Matzah.

The Seder is like a puzzle. Each step fits together with the next, creating a ritual passed down through the generations by our people. From biblical times until now - the Seder has been one of the things that has kept our people together. This puzzle of the Seder is the essence of the symbol of the Passover ritual.

Anyone can interrupt a Seder to ask a question and the Haggadah can be altered, edited , or changed at anytime. Our forefathers said, "Whoever enlarges upon the story of the outgoing from Egypt, that man or woman merits praise." In fact, this particular Haggadah we're reading from is a conglomeration of a Haggadah from the South Side School of Jewish Studies in Chicago, the Brandeis Hillel Day School, the Stern Family Haggadah, and some new stuff that was added from some web sites just this morning.

haggadah Section: Karpas