I have before me the Seder Plate. This plate contains the symbolic foods we will use as we tell the Seder story. These include:

  • Morror (Bitter Herbs/ Horseradish): This is to remind us of the bitterness of slavery.
  • Karpas (Green Veggie or Parsley): This represents the goodness and the rebirth of the Earth each Spring.
  • Chazeret (Salt Water): This is to remind us of the tears the Jews shed while in slavery and the perspiration that comes with hard work.
  • Charoses (Apples/Nuts/Wine): This is to represent the mortar the Jews used while being forced to build the Egyptians' monuments.
  • Zeroa (Roasted Shankbone): This symbolizes the Passover Offering made at the ancient Temple of Jerusalem.
  • Baytzah (Roasted Egg): This symbolizes the loss of the Temple. Traditionally the egg became the food of mourners.

I also have before me another plate with 3 matzohs. Watch the middle matzoh carefully as half of it will become the "Afikomen" (or dessert) and it will magically disappear. Whomever finds it will get a nice surprise!

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: You've Got a Haggadah - David and Tania Bikerman copyright 2000