#SecondSederPlate - Toy

Why is a toy on our Second Seder Plate?

A disturbing number of today’s refugees are children. Across the globe, nearly 1 child in 200 is a refugee. This adds up to tens of millions of children displaced by violence, poverty and other factors. Whole generations are being born in refugee camps, where they often lack proper nutrition, education and opportunities to play.

FACT: Some 8.6 million Syrian children are in immediate need of aid. Some 2.6 million Syrian children are living as refugees or on the run. Of the more than 688,000 Rohingya who have fled Myanmar for camps in Bangladesh since August, nearly 400,000 are children.

ACT: Support Jewish World Watch’s many programs offering educational assistance to children and the schools that serve them.

DISCUSS: How do you think violence and displacement affect children?

Learn more about Jewish World Watch’s efforts to educate displaced children at jww.org/projects

haggadah Section: Yachatz
Source: Jewish World Watch