#SecondSederPlate - Matches

Why are matches on our Second Seder Plate?

Fire isn’t one of the plagues in the Passover story, but it could have been – its destructive nature is well known. For the Rohingya, an ethnic minority living in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), the military has used fire to destroy many villages in brutal attacks. Survivors urgently need emergency supplies, but the Rohingya also need U.S. lawmakers to pass legislation to help protect them and prevent further violence.

FACT: Since late August, more than 688,000 Rohingya have fled ethnic cleansing in Myanmar and crossed into neighboring Bangladesh, where they have created the world’s largest refugee settlements.

ACT: Ask your representatives to support bills currently being considered in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives supporting human rights in Myanmar.

DISCUSS: How is it possible that genocide is still happening in the 21st century?

Learn more about Jewish World Watch’s advocacy efforts and send a letter to your representatives at action.jww.org

haggadah Section: Maror
Source: Jewish World Watch