#SecondSederPlate - Bandages

Why is a bandage on our Second Seder Plate?

Too many innocent people wounded during Syria’s civil war lack life-saving medical aid because large humanitarian organizations cannot enter areas being actively bombed. Jewish World Watch has partnered with an organization that transports essential supplies directly to doctors working to save lives deep inside the heart of the conflict.

FACT: Syria’s civil war has killed nearly 500,000 people – 55,000 of them children. It has also left half of the country’s population displaced.

ACT: Support Jewish World Watch’s efforts to transport supplies to doctors and hospitals in the heart of the conflict.

DISCUSS: What would it be like to be wounded and without adequate medical supplies?

Learn more about Jewish World Watch’s medical shipments in Syria at jww.org/syria

haggadah Section: Koreich
Source: Jewish World Watch