Among the traditional practices at the seder is the recounting of the Ten Plagues that God visited upon Egypt. It is customary to remove a drop of wine from our cups as we mention each of the afflictions.  While these plagues fell only upon the enemies of the ancient Israelites, we do not celebrate the suffering of others, even that of our foes.  Since wine is a symbol of joy, we each remove ten drops from our cups.   

In adapting this ritual for today’s seder, we recount the suffering of the people of Western Sudan.  As we name each of the horrors, we remove a drop of wine from our cups.  




Destruction of Property 


Separation of Families 

Loss of Community 




haggadah Section: -- Ten Plagues
Source: In Search of Freedom: A Passover Seder of Darfur © Rabbi Or N. Rose & Tamar Grimm,