Shalom, Salaam, and Peace.   

Welcome to the Interfaith Seder for Darfur.  Today, we join other activists religious and secular — throughout the world participating in events protesting the genocide in Darfur.   

The Jewish holiday of Passover celebrates the liberation of the ancient Israelites from Egyptian bondage and the ongoing pursuit of human freedom and justice.  For centuries, Jews have gathered around their dinner tables with family and friends to participate in the annual ritual of the Passover seder (rite or order), chanting sacred texts, eating symbolic foods, and engaging in impassioned discussions about the struggle for liberation. 

In recent decades, the traditional seder has been adapted by Jewish and interfaith activists to serve as a ritual framework in which to explore various contemporary justice issues (labor, feminism, peace, etc.).  Using elements from the traditional rite, these groups have reshaped the ritual to include contemporary prayers, poetry, songs, and teachings that speak to their causes. 

It is our hope that by participating in this interfaith seder for Darfur, by joining people of diverse faiths and backgrounds for this intentional meal, we will strengthen our resolve to help end the atrocities in Western Sudan and create an enduring anti-genocide movement. 

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: In Search of Freedom: A Passover Seder of Darfur © Rabbi Or N. Rose & Tamar Grimm,