There once was a man named Herb who had slaved away at his job for
many years.  He never expected them to pass over him for promotion, but
they did, and so he was bitter about that.  Bitter Herb is what they
called him.  Although he was the kind of guy who mows his lawn each
weekend, it seemed that he was even bitter about that too.  He lived
most of his life on the edge of denial.

He would often whine about the problems that plagued him.  He
always seemed to have a bone to pick about this or that.  Things were
made worse by a co-worker who egged him on, a guy that Herb once called
a "dip" twice.  You might just say that Herb wasn't upright. 

One day, Bitter Herb returned from the boss's office all hoarse and reddish.
"I'm fired! They're gonna let my people go! " he exclaimed.  "Why? Why
why why?"   He opened his wallet and looked inside.  "No bread!" he
cried.  "He tricked me out of a job!" 

That night, as he cleared out his desk, he knew that this night was different
from all other nights.  He looked at some old pictures by his children of Israel.  
Just then, he spilled water across his desk, when luckily, before anything got wet,
the water parted.

After leaving and then wandering around for a while, Herb moved to
Florida where he was promised land.  Herb is now happy when he and his
wife go out to the local restaurant and order the specials and one is
completely free.

haggadah Section: Introduction