A Rabbi who came to America in the 1920's relates the following story: 

"When I first came into the city, I saw a big store. I walked inside and noticed people taking shopping carts and going aisle to aisle, piling as much food as they wanted into their carts. No one said anything to them, and no one stopped them. People filled up their wagons to their hearts' content. This seemed very strange to me. Indeed, this must be the land of gold that we often heard about America in the old country. 

But then I noticed something very strange. As soon as someone came to the checkout counter, every item was taken out and scrutinized. Everything was registered and recorded to the smallest detail, and then payment was extracted. Later on people explained to me that this was what is called in America a "supermarket". One has the right to take whatever one wants, but an account and payment is demanded at the end." 

Whoever wishes to borrow may come and borrow but the collectors regularly make their rounds and exact payment. Nothing is free and G-d ultimately judges. Mitz'rayim enslaved us and made payment.

haggadah Section: -- Ten Plagues