Preparing for the Seder The table should be set with the following special items.

• The Seder plate, which contains, in clockwise order:

  1. Shank bone – zeroa – lamb or roasted chicken leg bone (a roasted beet is a vegetarian alternative)
  2. Charoset – a mixture of nuts, fruit, wine, and spices
  3. Bitter herbs – maror – typically red or white horseradish (some people prefer raw horseradish)
  4. Vegetable – karpas – parsley or any other vegetable, such as potatoes
  5. Egg – beitzah – a roasted hard-boiled egg

• A covered plate that holds three pieces of matzah.

• A bowl of salt water.

• A wine glass for each person. Each participant will drink four cups of kosher wine or grape juice during the Seder.

• An extra wine glass for Elijah the Prophet.

haggadah Section: Introduction