We encourage you to incorporate this reading into your Seder as you drink the first glass of wine.

On Passover, we celebrate our redemption from slavery and revel in our freedom: we gather around the Seder table with our loved ones, telling stories of our people’s miraculous passage from Egypt, to Sinai, to the Promised Land. at this time of rejoicing, we also remember the great responsibility that freedom creates: to harness the power of our privilege on behalf of the oppressed and marginalized. 

As we recite the prayers over the first cup of wine, let us also pray for and work towards the moment when all human beings will celebrate their 

liberation in comfort and plenty. 

As we recline in comfort this night and remember our suffering in Egypt…

We commit to support those who suffer today in the darkness of disasters and strive to rebuild in Haiti and Pakistan.

As we enjoy bountiful food and drink this night and remember our starvation in Egypt…

We commit to support those who struggle today with the horrors of hunger and fight to sustain their families in Bolivia and Ethiopia.

As we joyfully learn with our children this night and remember the decree against our baby boys in Egypt…

We commit to support boys and girls who are denied a childhood today and deserve the opportunities of education in Darfur and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

As we celebrate our unprecedented freedom 

this night and remember our chains of slavery 

in Egypt…

Today, we commit to stand in solidarity with all those across the developing world who seek to unshackle themselves from poverty, disease and discrimination and who strive for an empowered future.

haggadah Section:
Source: ajws.org