Tonight we remember our six million sisters and brothers who perished at the hands of the Nazis and hundreds of thousands of other anti-Semites who assisted those Nazis throughout Europe. We remember also the Jewish martyrs throughout the generations oppressed, beaten, raped, and murdered by European Christians. And we remember with pride the battle of the Warsaw Ghetto and the tens of thousands of Jews who resisted, fought back, joined partisan units or engaged in acts of armed violence against the oppressors. 

It is with righteous indignation that Jews have traditionally called out "Pour out your wrath, G-d, on those people who have acted toward us in a way that fails to recognize your holy spirit within us as it is within all human beings." Yet by opening the door for Elijah we reaffirmed our commitment to the messianic vision of a world of peace and justice, a world in which all people will recognize and affirm in each other the spirit of G-d. 

haggadah Section: Hallel