Hallel is a collection of psalms thanking God for redeeming us from Egypt, and asking God to continue to save and help us. At our seder we have talked about injustice and pain in the world, and how we might be redeemed, but we also want to be thankful for the progress we have already seen.

Go around the table and ask each person to name one hard thing that happened—in the world, or to them personally, or both—in the past year that they are thankful for, and why. Hallel also notes the beauty of nature, so go around a second time and have each person tell the group something from nature that they are grateful for.

Examples of hard things to be grateful for:

An ugly presidential campaign is making me grateful to see so many people coming out against racism and misogyny

Global warming is making me notice and appreciate the natural world around me more, and work harder to lower my carbon footprint

Dysfunctional bureaucracy is making me grateful that I can exercise my right to vote, and help bring new people into office

haggadah Section: Hallel