Passover Foods That Tell the Seder Story

The ritual foods of Passover tell the biblical story of the Exodus from Egypt and the story of the ancient rabbis who wrote the Haggadah. One contemporary rabbi, Jill Jacobs, adds: “During the seder, we don't just tell the story of the Exodus, we see, smell, feel and taste liberation.” Here are a few of the special foods you'll see at Passover.

  • Maror – a bitter herb, often horseradish, or bitter greens like chicory or endive. It’s supposed to be uncomfortably hot! It represents the bitterness of slavery. 
  • Chazeret – a bitter vegetable or green, often Romaine lettuce. It’s also a symbol of the bitterness of slavery, but it gets used in a different part of the seder than the Maror.
  • Karpas – a leafy green, very often parsley. Represents the rebirth of spring.
  • and many more!

Learn more about the special meanings of seder foods HERE.  For more information, check out Guide to Passover for Interfaith Families.

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