Palsover Intro

Welcome to Palsover! Disclaimer: This is very cheesy, but I hope you all enjoy. On this day, through our untraditional seder, we can celebrate the escape of our ancestors from slavery in Egypt by being with our buddies! Whether or not you believe in the story of the Exodus doesn't matter, Jews over time have faced different forms of slavery, and we have managed to escape the persecution. By having fun with each other today, celebrating old traditions, and making new ones, we can celebrate the perseverance of our ancestors throughout time. We are going to do a lot of untraditional things, so buckle up and get ready for our journey across the desert together!

We will now light the candles, a classic Jewish tradition to start a holiday. Each of you has tea lights in front of you, so can all light your own candles! 

haggadah Section: Introduction