The “Other" Children
It is clear that the traditional four sons are not
representatives of our various communities.
Therefore, tonight we include in our discussion four
additional children.

The Trans Child:
Trans mah hi omeret? Mah col zeh?
“What is up with this gender essentialist crap?”

The Revolutionary Child:
Revolutionary mah hi omer? Lama lo la’asot ma’shehu?
“Why are we wasting time with all of this religious stuff? Religion is the
opiate of the masses. Why on this night are we not instead smashing the

The Gentile Child:
Goy mah hi omeret? Eizeh daf?
“What page are we on?”

The Eco-feminist Crusty Punk Rock Vegan Hypochondriac Child:
Eco-Feminist Punk Rock Vegan Hypochondriac eem crust mah hi omer? Hahaggadah
ha-zot cat’va bim’kom union al daf mea-zchuz recycled
b’ee’paron soy she’lo buch’na al chaiot v’eifo ha-inhaler sheli?
“Was this haggadah printed in a union shop on 100% post-consumer
recycled hemp paper using soy ink that was not tested on animals, and has
anyone seen my inhaler?” (2)

haggadah Section: -- Four Children