Two things of opposite natures seem to depend 
On one another, as a man depends 
On a woman, day on night, the imagined 

On the real. This is the origin of change. 
Winter and spring, cold copulars, embrace 
And forth the particulars of rapture come. 

Music falls on the science like a sense, 
A passion that we feel, not understand. 
Morning and afternoon are clasped together 

And North and South are an intrinsic couple 
And sun and rain a plural, like two lovers 
That walk away as one in the greenest body. 

In solitude the trumpets of solitude 
Are not of another solitude resounding; 
A little string speaks for a crowd of voices. 

The partaker partakes of that which changes him. 
The child that touches takes character from the thing, 
The body, it touches. The captain and his men 

Are one and the sailor and the sea are one. 
Follow after, O my companion, my fellow, my self, 
Sister and solace, brother and delight. 

haggadah Section: Commentary / Readings
Source: Wallace Stevens, "Collected Poems"