While people of the Jewish faith endured harsh slavery in Egypt, God chose Moses to lead them out to freedom. Moses encountered God at the burning bush and then returned to Egypt to lead the people out of Egypt. He demanded that Pharaoh let the Jewish people go.

But Pharaoh hardened his heart and refused to let the Jewish people go. That is why God sent the Ten Plagues.

Following the slaying of the first born, Pharaoh allowed the Jewish people to leave. They left Egypt in such haste that their dough did not rise, so they ate matzah. When Pharaoh changed his mind and chased after the Israelites, God miraculously caused the Red Sea to split, allowing the Israelites to cross safely. When the Egyptians entered the Sea, it returned to its natural state and the mighty Egyptian army was swept away by the mighty waters.

We understand the story through an explanation of the Pesach symbols:

Karpos - Flourishing of life and Spring

Charoset - symbolizes the mortar that the Israelite slaves used to construct buildings for Pharaoh.

Maror - The bitter herbs. The maror reminds us of the bitter pain and suffering the Israelites went through as slaves to the Egyptians.

Zeroa (shank bone) - the passing over of the angel of death when the blood of the lamb was painted of the doors of Jewish poeple.

Beitzah (egg) - Circle of life

Salt water - the tears shed by those enslaved

haggadah Section: -- Exodus Story