All take their place at the table open their Haggadah’s and the wine glasses are filled. As on every other Festival and Shabbat we make Kiddush, that is we sanctify the Holiness of the Day. The Kiddush is over the first of the four cups of wine. In some families this is made by the person who is conducting the Seder, in others, all make their own; while in some families the Kiddush is recited in unison.

If the Seder is on a Friday night, the Kiddush begins with the Friday night introduction, the recitation of the Biblical account of the institution of the Sabbath at the end of the creation of the universe (Gen. Ch 2. V. 1-3). We make a ‘blessing’ over the wine next and then the blessing relating to the Festival of Pesach. If the Seder takes place at the termination of the Sabbath, the special blessing made at the termination of the Sabbath is added. On all occasions, we finish with the blessing thanking God for having allowed to reach this season. 

Kiddush should not be made until after dark. We pour out the first of the 4 glasses of wine, which we drink during the Seder.

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: My Journey Through the Haggadah, Yekutiel Atkins