Motzi Matzah Talk

From the Zohar II 183(b):

Two types of bread were eaten by Israel: when they left Egypt on Pesach they ate matzah, the bread of affliction and in the wilderness they ate bread from heaven, as it is written: “Behold, I will rain for you bread from heaven”. Therefore, the offering of this day is bread and all the other offerings are offered in addition to the bread. The bread is the main part, for this is the bread the Manna through which Israel became wise with the supernal Wisdom of the Torah, and entered its ways for the Manna's unique qualities prepared and opened their hearts up to the Torah.

We should now observe that during Pesach, Israel came away from chametz, as it is written: “And no chametz shall be seen.” What is the reason that eating chametz on Pesach was forbidden? It is because of the honor of the bread that is called 'matzah'.

Similar to a story of a king who had an only son who became ill. One day he wished to eat. They said: Let the king's son eat healing food, but before he eats it, no other food or nourishment should be in the house. They did so. After he had eaten the healing food, they said: From now on he may eat whatever he desires and it will do him no harm.

Similarly, when Israel left Egypt, they did not know the essence and secret of Faith. G-d let Israel taste healing, and until they take this healing, no other food should be visible to them. As soon as they had eaten matzah, which is a curative to aid in coming into and knowing the secret of faith, G-d said: 'From now on, chametz is suitable for them and they may eat it, because it can no longer harm them'.

haggadah Section: Motzi-Matzah
Source: Aaron Weiner