The Anti-Slavery Seder Centerpiece (Grades 3-6): Religious School teachers can use the story of Passover to teach about modern manifestations of slavery and discuss the need for

awareness. This age-appropriate activity, in addition to others available at the website, will help children teach their parents about this critical issue:

Materials needed for each student:


Glue stick (or other Elmer’s)

A copy of the “templates” page (available at

A copy of the “photos” page (available at

Markers or other decorating supplies

1. Photocopy the “templates” and the “photos” pages so that you have one

copy for each student in the class (plus a few spares).

2. Discuss modern slavery, Passover and the Jewish obligation to stop

slavery (with the aid of the curriculum material at

3. Cut out the templates on the solid lines only, not the dashed lines. Two

templates will result, one rectangular and the other rectangular with tabs.

4. Fold the two templates on all of their dashed lines and make creases. Then

lay flat again.

5. Now it’s time to design how you want your centerpiece to look. You can

use the photos provided as well as words and pictures of your own

creation. To use the photos provided, cut out the pictures that you would

like to use and glue them on the templates, within the lined squares. Be

careful not to use too much glue so that it gets messy – use just enough for

the photos to stick to the template.

6. Write and decorate other parts of your centerpiece as you see fit – perhaps

you can write your own prayer, or boldly draw the phrase “Let My People

Go” or sketch the word “slavery” inside a circle with a line through it.

7. When you are done decorating, refold the tabs on their dashed lines and

glue them lightly. Then fold both templates into their box shapes, fit them

together, and press the tabs into the inside of their connecting sides.

8. Let dry. Take home and place on your Seder table. Pick a point in the

Seder to say the prayer (found on the Template) on your centerpiece (a good spot would be right before the four questions). Ask the adults at the table “Do you think slavery exists today?” See if they know! Tell them million people are enslaved today. Tell them we can do something about it – just visit to find out!

haggadah Section: Commentary / Readings
Source: Pesach: A Season of Justice