The story has been told of a miraculous well of living water which had

accompanied the Jewish people since the world was spoken into being.

The well comes and goes, as it is needed, and as we remember, forget,

and remember again how to call it to us. In the time of the exodus from

Mitzrayim, the well came to Miriam, in honor of her courage and action,

and stayed with the Jews as they wandered the desert. Upon Miriam’s

death, the well again disappeared.

On our table tonight, we have two extra cups, one of wine and one of water.


It is the women of our story who make its unfolding possible. Shifrah and

Puah, the midwives who disobey Pharaoh's order to kill all newborn boys;

Yocheved and Miriam, the mother and sister of Moses; Pharaoh's

daughter who rescues Moses from the Nile. Pharaoh pays little mind to

the women, yet it is their daring actions that began it all. It is because of

them that we are here tonight; it is because of them that we are able to

thank God for our freedom, just as Miriam led us in song to God after we

crossed through the parted waters.


With this ritual of Miriam’s cup of water, we honor all Jewish women. We

commit ourselves to transforming all of our cultures into loving,

welcoming spaces for people of all genders.

Excerpted from :Invisible The Story of Modern Day Slavery A Social Justice Haggadah What you make of liberation - That is the trick. Can you, unshackled, set someone else free?

haggadah Section: Bareich
Source: Invisible The Story of Modern Day Slavery