Almighty God, I have known fear and I have known comfort.  And here, in this moment, my eyes are wide open ; my heart is wide open.  With each step, my heart pounds and I can feel my lips stretching into a smile.  The sounds of the sea are all around and the sounds of children laughing, playing, running.  You are here and everywhere.  Between me and this miracle,   in my heart, in the winged ones above us, and in the spray of the sea that cools my face.  This journey has been so long.  I have been so tired and I have been so afraid.  But here, in this moment - between the certainty of death and loss and the wonder of an open way ahead that seems to go on forever between the sea and the sea - Here I am.  And here You are.  You are a gift I can see with my feet on this muddy earth with the tips of my fingers tracing wet lines through the walls of water that hold me in, hold me up, hold me close to You.  You are here.  Inside me.  Pulling me to safety.  To Your side.  One mud-soaked step at a time.

haggadah Section: -- Exodus Story
Source: Annie Martin